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    The life size mural in the Mollyockett Spa entry way
    was painted by Joan Cannuli      

The History of Mollyockett, by Mollyockett Motel Mollyockett was born in Fryeburg in 1715, an Indian Princess of the Algonquin Nation. She was a great traveler. Her favorite beat was from Andover to Bethel and down to Paris, Maine, along what is known as The Mollyockett Trail on Route 26, a part of Longfellow Trail from Boston to Canada. Once, in the wintertime she started from Andover to Paris Hill, carrying a treasure of gold. The traveling was hard and when she reached Trap Corner, she realized the weight was to hard for her. Consequently, she buried the gold and hung a bear trap to mark the spot. This is how Trap Corner got it's name. Molly didn't find refuge until she reached Paris Hill where she stayed with one of the finest families in the State on Maine. There she found a very sick baby. Here Molly proved her true worth by helping nurse the baby back to health. She saved his life and then pronounced a blessing on the little one with the prophecy that one day he would be a great man. He grew up to be the Vice President of the United States under Abraham Lincoln. This man was Hannibal Hamlin, of Paris Hill Maine.

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